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Peace begins in the classroom

Schools in Germany and around the world are becoming places of acceptance and acceptance. Pupils recognise their own value, begin to dream big and take responsibility for their immediate environment as peacemakers. Because peace does not begin at the political negotiating table, but in people’s hearts and minds. Peace begins in the classroom.

The Peacemaker School Tour is an ongoing series of concerts in secondary schools around the world initiated by the internationally successful band Good Weather Forecast. The band can now look back on over 500 school concerts in seven countries from Australia to Finland. At the invitation of the school, the band organises an energetic concert at the highest musical level for the entire school community around the theme of “Peacemaker”. An inspiring talk is embedded centrally in the programme. The schools are provided with lesson plans for preparation and follow-up work for all levels.

There are no costs or effort for the school.
We are happy to receive a donation. 

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Good Weather Forecast

From Franconia to the world and back again

From Los Angeles to Sydney – Good Weather Forecast can now boast over 700 shows on three continents in more than 20 countries. Their songs with catchy tunes, intelligent lyrics and profound messages, which sound like a mix of Imagine Dragons, One Republic and Blink182, have earned them several chart positions in Germany, Switzerland, Denmark and Paraguay, as well as record deals with Pro7/Sat1, among others. Good Weather Forecast is now an internationally sought-after act.

Despite their worldwide concerts, the five Franconian boys have made it their mission to use their reach and talents to encourage and inspire young people through the Peacemaker School Tour. 

More Artists

The Peacemaker Artist Community is growing steadily. More and more young artists are using their music to inspire young schoolchildren in Germany with Peacemaker school concerts and a message of peace.


Authentic and clean German rap with heart

My name is To-one and I’m from Nuremberg. I am a passionate rapper and put everything that is important to me into my songs, such as values, that brands do not make up the value of people or that it is better to stand with each other instead of against each other.


international hIP HOP with Afrobeats

I make my music mainly on Afrobeats and Hip Hop or Drill Beats. Together with my producer ESA, I am on the road on stages in Germany. With my music I want to encourage people to look to the future with hope.

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